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Blue lollies are a great way to add colour and fun to any occasion. Whether you’re planning a baby shower, gender reveal party or birthday celebration, blue lollies are a sure fire way to make your event stand out from the rest!

Royal Blue Swirly Lollipops

As the name suggests, this resealable plastic tub features white and deep blue hard candy swirled together to create an eye-catching treat. Each lollipop is a delicious, sweet and sour blue raspberry flavoured confection that your guests will love. They make an excellent addition to a royal blue candy buffet, and can be used as a fantastic giveaway for any event.

Best of all, these are made using a natural food dye that’s a nod to the history of candy making. In particular, it’s derived from the bark of a tree native to the US.

Lolly Warehouse has a wide range of blue lollies available to suit your needs, so you can be sure to find the perfect product for any occasion. Browse our selection and order yours today!

The Most Milquetories Memento Morus Obscura

Despite the many gimmicks and novelty items that have appeared in candy aisles over the years, some products have managed to outdo the others. One of the more impressive ones is the color blue, which has been a popular choice for many decades. It’s also been the subject of several scientific studies, most notably, the one proving that it is the hottest and driest pigment ever known to man.

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