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A lot of resources can be wasted when businesses communicate with customers or potential customers on the wrong phone numbers. This is especially true for bulk phone validation API SMS marketing campaigns, which typically reach a large number of people simultaneously. It’s therefore important to verify phone numbers before using them in a campaign to ensure that they are correct and active. A phone validator API is a tool that does exactly this. Often included in SMS marketing platforms, these tools allow companies to verify their contact lists before sending out messages, increasing the efficiency and success of their communication efforts.

Many e-commerce websites, for example, use text messaging to create awareness, request donations, and interact with their customer base. When using a phone validation API, the website can ensure that their customer’s contact details are accurate, which helps reduce spamming and smishing attempts and increases conversion rates. It also cuts costs because the company is not spending money on messages that aren’t delivered to active customers.

API Precision: Elevating Data Accuracy with Bulk Phone Validation

The phone validation API can identify the type of line, carrier, location, and other important details. For instance, it can detect if the line is a landline, VOIP, mobile/wireless, or prepaid. It can also perform HLR lookups to retrieve carrier network information and assess the reputation of a phone number.

It can even block users based on their risk profile, including those who have engaged in recent abuse. Similarly, the API can identify and flag numbers with high fraud scores.

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