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The st cyprian novena is an powerful spell that can be used for any type of help you may need. It is comprised of nine days of praying the prayer and burning a special candle for each day. When you finish the novena, it is claimed that your petition will be granted and all curses, jinxes and spells will be removed from your life. You can ask for any help you need from saint cyprian such as money, love, etc.

St Cyprian was a bishop in North Africa in the 200s. He was also a well-known Pagan conjurer, sorcerer and magician who dealt in dark magic and shadows. He had serious lusts for St Justina and sent demons to possess her. When she dispelled the demons, he converted on the spot to Christianity but retained his magical powers and continued to use a powerful book of spells.

Miraculous Prayers: Embarking on a Novena with St. Cyprian for Guidance and Blessings

He was also an orator and had a classical education. His conversion brought about an amazing change in his life including a vow of chastity, giving away all of his wealth to the poor, a complete abandonment of the works of pagan authors, and an intense love of Christ and the Bible.

When his church was divided over how to treat idolaters, he wrote an important treatise on Church unity and taught that idolaters must be forgiven. In the end, he was banished to what is now Tunisia and was beheaded in 258 AD. He is regarded as the patron saint of conjurers, root doctors and magicians but he is also considered to be the patron saint of all Catholics. He is a very powerful saint and should be prayed to often.

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