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Comprehensive PBN linking can be very dangerous, and it’s not something we recommend or endorse. It’s a black hat, time-consuming and expensive tactic that will get you into trouble with Google if used incorrectly. Having said that, there have been cases where PBNs have worked, but we think this is because they’ve been used very sparingly and in combination with other acceptable link-building tactics.

A PBN is a group of websites that are owned by one person or company and are then used to promote other sites. The purpose is to build links from the PBN network to the site that you want to rank for a specific keyword. This is an alternative to traditional link building strategies that require time, content, relationships and patience.

Are PBN Links Still Relevant in Modern SEO

There are a lot of different ways that you can use a PBN to improve your rankings, including buying links from third parties. However, this is very risky and should only be done if you have a strong understanding of how to use them effectively. It’s also very hard to know how selective someone else’s PBN is in linking out, and how careful they are at eliminating footprints.

As Google’s algorithms become more sophisticated, it becomes harder and harder for black hat SEOs to make PBNs work. If you have a large enough network of private blogs, it’s likely that you will be able to use them to boost your rankings for some time, but this won’t last forever.

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