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For some, the idea of adding CBD to coffee may seem like a mix of two completely opposing elements. On one hand, CBD is a relatively new and hemp-derived product used to calm the mind and alleviate pain without the associated psychotropic effects of THC. On the other, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, providing a caffeine boost to wake you up and get you going.

But much like sea salt and caramel, or fries with a milkshake, it turns out that coffee and cbd go well together. The fusion of the two is believed to provide a balanced and effective energy boost, with both physical and mental benefits.

Sip and Unwind: Coffee and CBD for Relaxation

In terms of how CBD and coffee interact, it depends on the type of CBD you choose. Many reputable CBD companies offer products that are suitable for brewing into your coffee, including pre-ground blends and single-serve pods. These are typically made using a cold brew process and can be used with your favourite coffee brewing method. For a more convenient option, there are also ready-to-drink (RTD) cold brews that can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle.

Laurel Winslow, CEO of Wicked Voodoo Espresso, a Texas-based company that produces CBD-infused coffee, says that she has noticed many people experience fewer side effects from coffee when they add CBD to their drinks. This is because CBD does not compete with the liver for enzymes that break down certain chemicals, including caffeine and other jittery stimulants. As a result, it lowers the potential for caffeine-related issues such as anxiety, high blood pressure, and rapid heart rate.

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