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Whether you are an breathwork certification yoga teacher or have been practicing for years, adding breathwork to your repertoire is a powerful way to enhance your practice and support the health of your students. Breathwork is a calming, grounding technique that allows your students to stay centered as they observe their inner landscapes, enabling them to access and work with their subtle energy.

Breathwork can also help entrepreneurs and business leaders manage stress, increase productivity and foster balance in the workplace. Incorporate this powerful tool into your coaching or consulting practice to improve your clients’ lives and create long-term impact in their organizations.

Breath of the Divine: Harnessing DMT Breathing for Spiritual Exploration

Before you dive into a breathwork certification program, it’s important to clarify your intention for taking this course. Are you hoping to start offering breathwork sessions professionally, or are you simply looking to enhance your existing skills? Understanding your purpose will allow you to select the best training program for your needs.

Format: Online; Self-paced; includes videos, guided practices and live group sessions.

A breathwork certification program is a powerful addition to any wellness professional’s toolkit. Whether you’re a yoga instructor, massage therapist or acupuncturist, this type of training will teach you how to incorporate breathwork into your work and empower your clients to heal themselves through this ancient, yet powerful practice. It’s an excellent option for entrepreneurs who need to remain centered and focused, as well as for educators who want to offer their students the gift of deep relaxation and self-inquiry.

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