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The best place to buy K2 paper sheet is the NearMeTrade marketplace. It allows vendors to post their products for sale, but it’s important to check the seller’s credentials first. You’ll want to make sure they are registered and have the NMTSeal Verified seal.

K2 spray on paper

K2 paper sheets contain a liquid spray of K2 that’s used in a similar way to liquid incense. These sheets come in various quality levels, from cheap to high-end. Unlike liquid incense, however, the paper sheet itself is made of synthetic material. Because of this, it’s important to choose carefully.


K2 paper is a mixture of herbs and spices that is similar to marijuana but is synthetic. The substance is made to simulate THC and is sold as an herbal incense substitute. Unlike marijuana, K2 spice paper doesn’t get you high, but it can be effective in pain relief for clinical marijuana patients. It can relieve chronic or throbbing pain, joint irritation, and other ailments. It can even help restore your appetite if you’ve lost it during illness.

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