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The Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) program is the most important qualification for a new insurance agent. It includes four courses that provide the necessary skills and knowledge to gain a general insurance licence. It is a requirement in most provinces and territories to write the CAIB exams to work in the brokerage industry.

How do I get my Level 2 insurance license in Alberta?

In addition to promoting professional standards, the CAIB exam is designed to help brokers understand and respond to their clients’ needs. To do this, brokers need a good understanding of property and casualty products, the market and their role in the insurance industry. URL : https://pnclearning.com/fundamentals-of-insurance-caib-1-exam-prep-course/

Whether it’s to help with coverage or to meet client needs, a CAIB-designated broker can be an invaluable asset to their clients. The CAIB course also provides opportunities to learn more about the brokerage business.

Achieving the CAIB designation is not a guarantee of employment in the insurance industry or career success, but it is an excellent start for any new broker. The exam allows students to expand their insurance knowledge and explore new sales markets, as well as develop a competitive edge for career advancement.

ITAC offers online CAIB courses and a self-study package for those who want to take their studies at their own pace. The online course fee includes access to the curriculum, class workbook and practice exam. The self-study package includes a CAIB manual, study guide and exam booklet. Exams are written in the Greater Vancouver area at a post-secondary or government institution offering proctored computer-based exams.

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