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A professional carpet cleaning rochester ny has the tools and training to clean even the most stubborn stains. In addition, they know how to treat different materials and fabrics like wool, silk, hand-woven rugs, and leather. They should be able to provide you with a comprehensive cleaning that leaves your carpets looking and feeling great, and they should also be able to get your home back to normal faster than the average cleaning company. They should also be able to move and re-place your furniture and should offer fast drying times.

How much does it cost to clean carpet in New York?

They use a truck-mounted hot water extraction system (HWE) that uses a pressurized spray of pre-treatment and a powerful vacuum system to rinse the cleaning solution and remove it along with dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpet. This method of cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers and is the best way to clean your rugs.

They understand that each rug has its own unique blend and needs cleaning tailored to the specific material. They also have the resources to handle a variety of stains, such as pet urine and feces. Their cleaning service is safe for the entire family and pets. In addition to rug washing, they also offer upholstery cleaning and stain removal services. They have a 3,000 square foot facility that is fully equipped to wash all types of textiles from around the world, including finer fabrics like cashmere and silk.

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