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pole dancing

Pole dancing is a unique athletic activity that involves two (or more) people who are each on an inclined plane, typically in a dance hall or gym. Pole dancing incorporates acrobatics and dance focused around a single, lengthy pole, sometimes held by individuals on opposite ends of the circle. This performance art form often takes place in gyms and devoted dance studios, not just in gentleman’s bars, as previously mentioned. This is not your father’s swing or hip-hop, and many people find it to be an extremely sensual and exciting form of exercise and recreation.

How To Use Pole Dancing Moves For Fitness To Desire

The moves associated with pole dancing use a series of movements that build and tone all of the muscles in the body. Most of these moves rely on the use of the hips, as well as the upper body strength and core strength of the person doing them. A good example of one of these moves is the hip toss. A common theme in this dance is to use the momentum of one’s movement to drive one’s partner around the circle, often using the arms, legs, back and even the head to increase the intensity and power of the moves.

If you are looking for a unique activity that can help develop your physical conditioning, coordination, and core strength, then consider taking up pole dancing. It is an ideal workout for people of all fitness levels, since it does not require too much complicated equipment or complicated movements. In fact, most pole dancers don’t even need any particular apparel or footwear to perform their routines, as the moves are performed entirely in self defense. For this reason, many women who have chosen a career in fitness have found pole dancing to be a wonderful replacement for other exercise programs, as it will help develop muscle strength and core strength while also building self confidence and poise.

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