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Weekend forklift courses is a vital requirement for anyone who operates this piece of equipment in a warehouse setting. Untrained workers may not be aware of the risks involved in operating such machinery and are more prone to mistakes that can result in injuries, costly property damage, and legal liabilities. Certification programs are designed to provide training on a variety of topics related to the operation and maintenance of pallet jacks, including safety regulations, pre-operation inspections, load capacities, and handling techniques.

This course is comprised of high-quality interactive videos that can be watched from any device (computer, phone, tablet). Quiz questions are incorporated throughout each video and must be answered correctly to complete the exam and receive a passing score.

The Importance of Hands-On Training in Pallet Jack Certification

Upon successful completion of the online class and exam, a certificate is available for download and print. A practical evaluation checklist is also included to be used by a supervisor during a hands-on observation of the equipment operator.

A trained and certified operator is able to maneuver pallet jacks more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity. This can help businesses meet deadlines and customer demands without compromising safety or quality of work. Furthermore, proper operating procedures such as correct weight distribution reduce the wear and tear on the equipment, prolonging its lifespan. This also results in a significant reduction of maintenance costs.

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