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The Functional Medicine approach is based on the belief that all symptoms and diseases have a root cause. It focuses on uncovering that cause, addressing it, and moving closer to an optimal state of health and wellness.

Unlike conventional practice, functional medicine takes into account the whole person and the millions of synergistic and antagonistic interactions that occur round-the-clock. This includes dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors.

In addition to diagnosing and treating symptoms, functional medicine practitioners also focus on prevention. They take into account individual genetics and how the environment influences those genes, preventing the onset of disease before it occurs.

When choosing a practitioner who uses Functional Medicine, make sure they have an avid interest in the field and are incorporating it into their practice. Ideally, they have completed additional coursework and training in this area as well.

Healing from Within: Understanding the Principles and Benefits of Functional Medicine

A Functional Medicine practitioner will spend at least an hour with each patient during their initial consult. This allows them to get a full understanding of each person and provide an appropriate treatment plan. This is far different than the rushed 7 minutes you may receive in a conventional medical office with an MD, leaving you feeling like a number.

Look for a practice that recognizes that behavior change is key to success with Functional Medicine and has supporting healthcare professionals on staff like coaches and dietitians. They should also be able to recommend a wide range of lifestyle interventions like nutrition, exercise, and sleep support.

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