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Whether you’re looking for a discreet way to savor nicotine or just want a quick and easy alternative to cigarettes, a Fume vape is an excellent choice. These disposable devices are designed for one-time use and come pre-filled with e-liquid, making them a convenient, hassle-free option.

How many cigarettes are in fume?

The fume line includes 3 different models: the Extra, the Ultra and the Unlimited. Each offers a slightly different design, but they all use the same e-liquid and contain the same level of nicotine salts (5%). This is important to keep in mind, because all of these models have a similar amount of nicotine, so you’ll be ingesting a similar amount of this addictive substance with every puff.

You’ll find a variety of flavors to choose from as well. You can try minty varieties like mint ice and cucumber ice, fruity ice combos such as tangerine ice and pineapple ice, or creamy dessert options such as fresh vanilla. Fume also has a few different menthol-free options, such as the purple rain flavor that’s packed with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and is a favorite of many fume devotees.

The fume line is available at a variety of retailers, including QrJoy and several online stores. When shopping for a fume vape, make sure you’re buying the real thing by checking to see that it has the QrJoy logo on the packaging and the words “Fume” written in lowercase script with a curly line that looks like a cloud of vapor. You’ll also find a verification code on the package that you can input on the QrJoy website to ensure your device is authentic.

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