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If you want to check your check leaked email online for signs of a breach, there are plenty of tools available to help. For example, the University of Bonn offers a free hack check tool that scans data leaks across the internet to assess whether your personal information has been exposed by a cyberattack. The best way to protect yourself is to follow good security practices and use strong, unique passwords for every account you have.

Check Leaked Email Online

One of the most common ways that people get their email hacked is by cyberattacks targeting major companies that keep a lot of sensitive customer data on file. During these breaches, hackers can expose names, phone numbers, birthdays, online accounts, and more. The good news is that large company data breaches tend to affect fewer people than smaller company data leaks.

As a result, most people don’t realize they’ve been hacked until they start seeing unusual activity on their bank or credit card accounts. Often, this means noticing charges you don’t recognize or seeing changes to your billing address or account login details.

However, it’s also possible for your email address to be leaked and appear on the dark web for attackers to see. As such, it’s important to regularly check your email hack status. Using a free tool like been pwned lets you search for your email address across several data breaches that attackers have published on the dark web. The results will show you if your address appears in the database and will provide tips on how to improve your security.

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