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wicker laundry basket

A wicker laundry basket is a simple way to keep dirty clothes contained and out of sight until they are ready to be washed. They come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any space, from small portable baskets to larger hampers that stay in one room for easy access. You can also find wicker hampers with divided compartments to help you sort dark from light clothing or separate kids’ outfits. This link wicker laundry basket – AmishBaskets.com

Most wicker laundry baskets have holes on two sides so air can circulate, helping to prevent mustiness and mildew. Many have handles for carrying or can collapse to be stored. Some have a lid to keep the contents secure and can even be wiped clean with warm water to remove any dust and dirt that might settle in. A good wicker laundry basket is sturdy and made from materials that can stand up to regular use, but it shouldn’t be too heavy to carry or hard to lift.

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Wicker is usually thicker than plastic or mesh baskets, which makes it sturdier and less likely to rip or tear as you move or empty the basket. However, it might be prone to absorb moisture from damp clothes or steamy bathrooms, which can discolor or cause the wicker to snag delicate fabrics. Moisture trapped in a wicker laundry basket may also lead to the development of odors that can be difficult to eliminate. If you’re concerned about this, consider choosing a basket that can be liner-washed to keep the wicker clean.

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