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why is mythology important to our society

why is mythology important to our society because it explains, empowers, stabilizes, and elevates the mundane events of life. It is the underlying narrative that connects us to deep shared societal events, memories, and values that have shaped mankind for centuries. It teaches how to deal with life’s difficulties and helps people understand the foundations of cause and effect.

It also serves to pass on fears, passions and moral values from one generation to another. Many myths also help to explain natural phenomena and how they work. The etiological myth (from the Greek word meaning “reason”), for example, explains why the sycamore tree looks the way it does or why thunder sounds the way it does. The myth of the hero’s journey, as recounted by Joseph Campbell, for example, influenced Star Wars creator George Lucas and has been adapted in movies like The Lone Ranger and Superman.

The Enduring Significance: Why Mythology Matters in Modern Society

But the most important function of myth, as argued by the Scottish social anthropologist James Frazer in his classic book The Golden Bough, is its role in human culture. He observed a pattern of similarities between the myths of different cultures and saw how they move through three stages: primitive magic, religion, and science.

Myths are everywhere. Even in today’s increasingly irreligious world, myths persist in art, literature and popular culture. Even if they are not explicitly religious, stories such as those of Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins convey universal values by depicting heroes who have to face down evil.

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