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Whether you’re Venus Casino online working with students one-to-one, managing a full class online or gearing up to get back in the classroom, these online games for learning about literature will help keep your kids engaged. From exploring literary characters to stepping into an author’s shoes, these games add fun and creativity to book club discussions.

Reading games that focus on decoding and vocabulary development boost kids’ confidence with unfamiliar words, allowing them to tackle more challenging texts. Other fun literacy games teach students to analyze text elements, like character traits and setting, fostering more critical thinking skills for higher academic achievement.

Crafting Stories: Online Games That Sharpen Writing Skills

This unique game teaches children to draw inspiration from words. The founder of this game realized that he could write poetry by drawing pictures on his laptop with a mouse and keyboard, so he created a site where students can play this fun literary activity.

The Best Online Games for Learning About Literature

Taking your book club discussion to the next level requires more than just great books. You also need fun book-related games. These games range from genre mixing to stepping into an author’s shoes. You can find many of these games on BoardGameGeek and Etsy. You can even buy book-themed board and trivia sets on Amazon. If you don’t want to go shopping, there are many downloadable PDF games available on Twinkl. These games are ideal for students with iPads, which are easily portable and have a larger screen for easier viewing.

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