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Pigeon Control is a humane method to get rid of pigeons, it has the ability to prevent the building of nests and their destruction, and also helps the environment as well. Pigeon Control can be implemented in a number of ways; one such way is to firstly try and dissuade pigeons from using your garden by erecting a no-pigeon policy. You could use poison, traps, or even physical barriers to prevent the birds using your area. Pigeon droppings can contain harmful bacteria which can in turn cause unpleasant odors, and in some cases can also lead to food poisoning. Other methods to try and get rid of pigeons include; manual removal, extraction, freezing, cicatripping and trapping, or using an animal trapping service.

How To Lose Money With Pigeon Control

pigeon control service

If manual methods do not deter the pigeon population, the next option is to hire the services of a qualified and fully trained humane bird trapper or pigeon control service. A qualified trapper will know all the techniques and methods that are required to achieve this and will use them in the best way possible to get rid of your pigeon problem once and for all. They will remove all existing pigeons within the premises of your property and then release these birds back into the local area where they will become food for another colony. Some of the main benefits of using a humane service are; the animals will not harm any humans or other pets, the service can usually guarantee a successful removal, no collateral is involved, and the work is carried out quickly, effectively and efficiently.

If you would prefer to have a more permanent solution then you could opt to hire the services of a bird removal company. A pigeon control company will carry out the task using high technology equipment to prevent re-occurrence. The most common methods being used are, vacuuming, seed removal, fencing and scratching, and most trappers and companies will offer a guarantee of the best results. Once your pigeons are all removed, you will notice a great difference in the look of your property and gardens. Some of the benefits of hiring a pigeon control company are; no collateral is needed, the work is carried out quickly, effectively and efficiently, animals are not harmed during the removal process, and the overall cost of using a professional service is generally much lower than employing other methods.

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