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Passover Programs

Passover Programs are designed to make traveling during Passover easier for Jews. They are run by tour operators who will take over a hotel, resort or home and offer guests kosher for Passover food, minyanim, programming for kids and adults and even Daf Yomi Shiur (for an extra fee).

Many families choose to attend a Passover Program because of the labor involved if you stay at home for Pesach: cleaning the house for chametz, shopping for kosher products and then preparing all of your meals during the week of Pesach. This type of Passover Vacation is also a great way to make new friends from the community and even learn more about Jewish history and culture while enjoying your vacation.

Top Passover Programs to Consider for Your Next Holiday

Most programs will include a children’s program, day camp and teen programming as well as adult lectures and entertainment on chol hamoed. Some of the more luxurious resorts will offer a babysitting service for an additional cost so that you can enjoy a date night or a spa day without the children.

Some of the more budget friendly options will allow you to rent a villa or apartments within a larger resort and be provided with all your meals by the program. Some of the more traditional models will provide you with your own private room within a hotel or resort and all meals will be prepared by a private chef and included in the price of the program.

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