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organic cotton baby toys

Organic Baby Toys that are Eco-Friendly

If you are looking for safe toys to give your Estella organic baby soft toys one, consider these non toxic baby toys that are made with organic cotton. They are also ethically produced and made in fair trade settings to ensure safe working conditions.

Finn & Emma makes a lot of cute knit baby toys and wooden baby toys including their beautiful wooden baby swings that are perfect for tummy time and naptime. These toys are made with GOTS certified organic cotton dyed with non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes. They are sized for little hands to grasp and shake, and the rattles contain Melodic chimes inside to soothe babies.

How to Care for and Wash Organic Cotton Baby Toys: Tips for Keeping Them Clean and Safe

Under the Nile uses GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton in their toys and clothing that is sourced by their fair trade partner in Egypt. The cotton is grown using biodynamic agriculture practices that focus on sustainability.

Grimm’s Spiel & Holz has a great selection of baby dolls and toys that are made with non-toxic wood and paint. The company is a family-run business that works with a small group of woodworkers in Germany.

Tikiri Pure Natural Rubber Bath Toys are made with 100% plant-based latex that is harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree (similar to maple syrup extraction). These bath toys are free of chemicals for preservation or any added antifungal agents, UV stabilizers or absorbers to ensure they will biodegrade when they are no longer needed.

Bears for Humanity has a great range of stuffed animals that are made from organic cotton and they donate a stuffed animal to a child in need with every purchase.

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