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Often referred to as a metal art print, this new trend is sweeping the industry as a way to display your images & artwork in stunning high quality, brilliance & shine. Metal prints are long lasting & offer incredible resistance to sunlight, humidity & surface scratching. They can also be cleaned with a damp cloth in seconds. These features make them ideal for any indoor/outdoor space where a print would be exposed to weather & traffic.

How much are metal prints?

To create a metal print the image is printed directly onto a thin plate of aluminum reffered to as a “flashing”. The flashing is then covered with a smooth base polymer coating that has a look similar to brushed aluminum. Once the coating is applied the photo is printed on top of it using a dye sublimation process. The result is an image that appears to be floating off of the wall with a stunning depth. The print is also durable & archival, meaning that it will keep its rich colors for decades to come.

When creating a metal print it’s important to choose an image that is well focused, sharp & clear. This will help the image pop out of the wall & highlight its unique qualities. It’s also important to find a printer that is experienced with this process & uses top-tier materials. Using an experienced printing service will ensure that your photos are printed at a high resolution & that the image has an excellent contrast & clarity.

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