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Otl is a term that is used in hockey to track team performance in games that extend into overtime and end with a loss. It is a statistic that can play an important role in determining playoff eligibility, as teams earn one point in the standings for each overtime loss.

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A team with a lot of OTL losses is unlikely to make the playoffs. In order to understand how this statistic is calculated, it is important to understand the NHL’s system of scoring and record keeping.

In the league, each game is scored using three 20-minute periods and an overtime period. If the teams are tied at the end of regulation, both teams earn one point in the standings. If either team wins the overtime period, they receive an additional point in the standings. If neither team can win the overtime period, the game is decided by a shootout. If a team loses the shootout, they will receive an additional OTL loss in their standings.

To create an OTL process that will take submitted timecards into the approvals process, you must set the HR:Business Group profile option to a business group and then search for the OTL process “Evaluate HCM Group Membership.” The OTL processes that you configure should be enabled for DateTrack. You can also enable the OTL process to use a workflow error process that sends a notification and description of the error to the system administrator.

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