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Balayage is a unique way of coloring hair. The technique is less damaging than traditional foiling or double process highlights. This type of color is perfect for people who like creative colors. It also helps disguise re-growth lines.

How do you maintain balayage hair?

When searching for a balayage salon, look for a professional that uses high-quality products. For example, Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil is great for heat styling.

A balayage appointment can take three to five hours. The stylist will trim the ends before the lightener is applied. After the lightener is applied, he or she will remove any excess hair. Depending on your style, the end result may be voluminous.

Balayage can be used for any hair length. It is easy on curly, thick or thin hair. Unlike the old-fashioned method of using a cap to apply the color, the balayage technique is hand-painted on.

One of the benefits of a Balayage hair color is that it will last for months. However, a touch-up every 12 to 14 weeks will keep your strands fresh. Also, Balayage does not require foils, which can make it easier on your hair.

You should consult a colorist before getting a balayage service. Ask about how much you can expect to pay. Also, you may want to discuss the best shade for your skin tone.

Many colorists use a barrier between the sections of hair to prevent the bleach from fading or bleeding. Usually, the lighter the base shade, the more maintenance the hair will need.

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